Does Ironing Kill Moth Eggs?[Solved!]

Sometimes you may notice holes in your clothes. Surprisingly, moth larvae are responsible for such horrible situations of your garments. So, how to control moth eggs? 

Does ironing kill moth eggs? Ironing can keep moths away from clothes. But, it would help if you ironed them at high temperatures. At lower temperatures, moths can survive easily. However, ironing can’t fight perfectly against moth eggs. So, you should seek other methods to kill them. 

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What Temperature Kills Moth Eggs?

Moth eggs can be controlled with ironing at high heat. This creature can be killed at temperatures higher than 120° Fahrenheit or 50° Celsius for at least 30 minutes.

That’s why if you wash or dry clothes at such temperatures, these actions may remove moth eggs perfectly.

Ironing to Kill Moth Eggs

iron can be effective in killing moths
Ironing to kill moth eggs

Ironing can kill remove moth eggs from any garment. To do this, you may use either dry iron or steam iron

First thing first, clean moth-infested garments. Later, iron those clothes carefully. Finally, try your best to cover all sections of clothes. 

However, ironing isn’t that effective in this scenario as high heat may damage fabrics. Therefore, you need to search for other methods besides ironing to control this problematic creature. 

Are moth eggs harmful?

Unlike other insects, you may not experience anything harmful health effects from moths. This is because they don’t have mouths. So, they can’t bite you like mosquitoes or dust mites.

However, moth larvae can trigger an allergic reaction in some cases. In these situations, you may observe symptoms like-

  • Itching
  • Scaly skin
  • Blisters
  • Rashes
  • Outbreaks of skin irritation similar to eczema
  • Contact dermatitis, which causes redness, hives, and swelling

What attracts moth to your house?

a moth is wandering around
What attract moths to your house?

Moth larvae require energy to grow up. Keratin, a protein, is their main source of nutrition. That’s why they got attracted to your clothes and houses in search of this protein element. 

But, you may not know that natural fibers like silk, cashmere, and wool contain keratin. That’s why larvae destroy your clothes. 

Also, keratin is an integral element of house dust as it mainly contains human hair and skin. By the way, who doesn’t know that keratin presents significantly in human skin and hair.

What does moth infestation look like?

Some particular signs on your clothes or in your wardrobe may indicate moths in your house. So, adopt preventive measures when you observe the following signs-

  • Holes in clothes.
  • Larvae on garments
  • Cocoons in wardrobe corners
  • Webbing in storage corners
  • Silky trenches on wool items 
  • Moldy smell from dresses

So, what to do when you witness those signs? You can iron garments. However, you need to follow more effective methods to save garments. To know more about these techniques, read the following sections. 

Other ways to control moth eggs

Store garments properly

a women is storing clothes to keep moths away
Appropriately storing clothes can keep moths away

Perfectly storing clothes can keep moths away. These tiny animals love sweat or body oil left in your garments. 

Therefore, store dresses after cleaning them perfectly. 

Clean closets regularly

Your dirty closets can be the favorite nesting place of moths. So, never forget to clean these areas regularly.

You can keep cedar woods in wardrobes. However, cedar woods may lose their power after a while. Therefore, using cedar oil may be beneficial compared to using this.  

Prepare cedar spray

I’m a big fan of eco-friendly solutions to any problem. So, prepare a cedar spray with cedar oil and water. Now, apply it on garments to repel moths.

Keep clothes and house clean

Dust and dirt in your house may be the most trusted friend of moths. So, keep your home clean. You may use a powerful vacuum cleaner or carpet cleaners.

Once in a while, vacuum cleans your closets. However, it would be best if you were careful about vacuum bags. If not, moths may develop again. 

Use herbs in closet

Using herbs in closets can protect garments from moths. You may use-

  • Lavender
  • Rosemary
  • Cloves
  • Bay leaves
  • Thyme

Put these herbs in a plastic bag and keep it in your cabinets or lockers. Most importantly, your clothes may smell fresh!

Use essential oil spray

Like herbs, spray prepared with essential oil can kill moths too. So first of all, prepare a spray with essential oil and water. Then, pour this mixture into a spray bottle and apply it on clothes or in your closets.

So, which essential oil works perfectly against moths? The followings oils work better in this case. You can use any of the following-

  • Lavender essential oil
  • Eucalyptus essential oil
  • Lemon essential oil
  • Rosemary essential oil
  • Mint essential oil

Prepare traps!

This technique may sound fun to you. But it works great. You can prepare a trap with moth pheromones to attract and stuck them. 

You can buy a pheromones kit from local markets or online. 

Freezing clothes

Moths can’t survive in extreme hot or cold situations. So, freezing clothes can remove moths. To do it-

  • First, sort out moth-infested clothes.
  • Put them in a plastic bag and store it in freezer for one or two days.
  • Remove garments from bags and shake more than once with your hands.
  • Now, clean them according to the instructions mentioned in garment care. 

Utilize sunlight

Utilizing sunlight may clean moths, but not so perfectly. Therefore, if you want to remove moths completely, you need to seek other options. For example, you can iron, wash, or dry them at hot temperatures.

Steam clean clothes

Everyone, including me, is a big supporter of steam cleaning clothes. It removes wrinkles from garments perfectly. 

But steaming doesn’t kill moths perfectly. To get better results from steaming, wash clothes with hot water first.

Spray items with vinegar

Vinegar is a natural cleaning agent. It can clean and whiten your favorite dresses perfectly. Luckily, it is effective in controlling moths too.

Generally, moths can’t survive in acidic environments. Therefore, wash clothes with distilled white vinegar to keep those clean and free from pests. Or, you can spray items with vinegar and water solutions.

Wash clothes with hot water

a washer is going to clean moth from clothes
Washing garments with hot water can remove moths

As previously stated, moths can’t withstand high temperatures. Sweats, body oil, and hairs on your clothes attract them. So, washing garments with hot water can remove moths perfectly. 

However, this isn’t a better solution. If you wash clothes regularly with hot water, they may become rough. So, check the garment care before washing for more information.  

Dry garments at high temperatures

One of the easiest solutions to control moth eggs is drying clothes. Just dry them at high temperatures

So, at which temperature should you dry dresses? Just like ironing, use approximately 120° F. 

Use moth controlling spray

There are several moths controlling sprays in the market. If you visit Amazon, one of the biggest online markets in the US, you may find one. I’ve been using a spray for the last few years, and it works great. To see this product, click here.

This spray has many advantages-

  • It kills moths perfectly.
  • Never leave stains on garments.
  • It doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. 
  • Pet-friendly product.
  • Easy to use.
  • Safe for kids as it contains mainly essential oil.

Take professional service

In extreme situations, you can’t control moths with the techniques above. So, you have nothing to do but pursue professional services.

Call a local pest control office and observe their performance. But, never allow them to use hazardous chemicals in your house.

Frequently asked questions

Will a 40 degree wash kill moth larvae?

Killing moth larvae effectively from clothes isn’t easy. Luckily, they can’t live in too hot or cold situations. Therefore, you need to use at least 120° F or 50° C.

Temperatures like 40° C can’t kill moth larvae. You need to dry items at high temperatures after washing at such low settings. 

Can you see moth eggs on clothes?

Spotting moth eggs on garments can be tough. Generally, these are tiny in size and only 0.5 mm in length. They look like small white balls arranged in a cluster or line. 

Sometimes, moths lay more than a hundred eggs at one time. In such scenarios, you may detect them, depending on the color of your dresses. 

In contrast, if moths lay few eggs, you can’t detect them easily with naked eyes.

Last few words

After this discussion, it may be evident that ironing isn’t a viable solution to remove moths. So, you should adhere to other methods like using herbs or essential oils, vacuum cleaning, wash, and dry clothes regularly. These methods can satisfy you in most situations. If you want, you can use commercial moth repellent sprays for your home.  

So, which method do you prefer the most? Fell free to leave it in the comment!

Have a nice day!


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