Does Gasoline Damage Clothes?[Analyzed!]

Sometimes you may accidentally spill gasoline on your dress. In our modern society, such incidents may happen to anyone. Dealing with such hazardous and stubborn stain is a matter of tricks and patience. But, does gasoline damage clothes?  

Does gasoline damage clothes? Gasoline can stain your items badly. Actually, gasoline stain is the toughest of all stain types. Therefore, you’ve to go through the extra miles besides washing and drying. Otherwise, items will smell like gasoline even after trough washing. Soak clothes in vinegar and hot water solution before tossing them into washer.

In this article, I’ll cover various aspects of gasoline stain and how to deal with it perfectly. I hope you may enjoy it.

So, let’s start.

Can you wash gasoline out of clothes?

You can remove gasoline from clothes by washing them. However, it may require extra time and work. So, patience is the primary key here. Otherwise, you won’t be successful in removing gasoline. 

Most importantly, you’ve to take action right away your items get stain marks. So we’re referring you to four easy steps to wash gasoline-stained items to get you out of this trouble. 

Step 1

First and foremost, try to remove excess gasoline using a paper towel or cotton balls. You can sprinkle a little baking soda over stain marks to remove the remaining and smell. Leave baking soda there for around five minutes, and then get rid of it into your sink.

Step 2

Take a tub and prepare a solution of vinegar and hot water. Use equal parts of these two materials. Now, soak your clothes in this solution and leave them there for thirty minutes.

Vinegar is a powerful cleaning agent that will break down gasoline particles. Moreover, it stays gentle on clothes. But, you should be careful as it may stain and damage clothes if actions aren’t careful enough.

Lastly, choose distilled white vinegar or white vinegar for this purpose. Never choose colored vinegar like rice vinegar, balsamic vinegar, red wine vinegar, or apple cider vinegar for this job.

Step 3

Remove clothes from tub and make sure that you’ve completely removed the odor. Then, toss them into washer. You shouldn’t choose other items to wash with these stained items. If so, gasoline may penetrate fresh clothes. So, be careful.

Add fragrance-free powerful detergent. Then, select a hot water cycle to wash your clothes. Hot water always works better against germs and tougher stains. 

Step 4

Now, it’s the drying time. For your safety, stay away from using dryer as gasoline is a flammable product. Just air-dry items outside your house or hang them on your balcony.

Lastly, observe your dried clothes. If you still notice stains and smells, repeat these steps. 

What removes the smell of gasoline from clothes?

Removing gasoline smell from clothes is tricky. After washing correctly, you may still notice smells from items. But, some agents fight against this stingy smell. To keep odors away, follow these methods. Take a look-

Method 1

  • Sprinkle baking soda on the affected areas. Now, leave it there for a couple of hours. 
  • After that, wash your clothes properly.

Method 2

  • Pick dishwashing liquid detergent. Take a few drops of it and rub it on the marks.
  • Then, throw it into washer and wash as usual. Lastly, air dry clothes.

Method 3

  • Take a few drops of baby oil onto stain marks and rub stains properly. 
  • Then, toss clothes into washer and select a hot water cycle.

Method 4

  • Toss clothes into washer. Add detergent and ammonia into dispensers. Select a hot water cycle. Read the garment tag to identify the highest temperature your dress can tolerate. 
  • Lastly, air dry clothes by placing them on a clothesline.

Method 5

  • Grab a large bucket and fill it with cold water. 
  • Add two cans of Coke and baking soda to it. 
  • Soak clothes in the tub and leave them there overnight. 
  • Air dry clothes instead of throwing them in dryer. 
  • After clothes are correctly dried, wash them using a powerful laundry detergent.

Should you put gasoline-stained clothes in the dryer?

You should never throw gasoline-stained clothes in clothes dryer. If you do so, it may set stains permanently, provided that stains still exist in your items. Secondly, it can start a fire as gasoline is a hazardous and flammable product. As dryers put extreme heat on items, it’s safer not to put them.

The suggested approach to dry clothes, in this case, is air-drying or line-drying. This method is safer compared to the dryer approach as-

  • Line-drying will break down the existing fumes on your clothes.
  • It’ll reduce the probability of fire incidents.

Keep clothes outside in the open air for 24 hours to dry items completely. 

Frequently asked questions

How long does gasoline smell last on clothes?

Gasoline can leave tough stains and smell on clothes after several washing. If you don’t adopt appropriate measures, gasoline smell may become permanent. Therefore, 

  • Try to remove gasoline residue as much as possible. 
  • Then, pre-treat stains using baby oil, dishwashing liquid, or Coke. 
  • If you can’t feel gasoline smell, toss clothes in washer and select a hot water cycle.
  • Lastly, air dry clothes to let the remaining gasoline particles evaporate in the open air.

Can you wash clothes that have gasoline on them?

When you hand wash clothes, gasoline on items isn’t dangerous. However, if you toss gasoline-stained items into washer, there is a risk of fire. Since gasoline is a flammable product, electricity produced by washer can cause a fire. Moreover, if you select hot water or high spin cycle, the risk of igniting fire becomes higher.

That’s why you must ensure that you’ve eradicated odor. To do this, pre-treat stains using baking soda or baby oil. Such treatment may make your clothes odor-free. 

Moreover, never throw these items in the dryer too. Like washer, dryer may pose a great threat to you in this case. Instead, dry items in the sun.


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