Why are my clothes coming out of the dryer wrinkled?

Are you a regular user of dryer? You may use it regularly, especially on your busy day. However, sometimes clothes may come out of dryer wrinkled. What are the causes of such wrinkling? Identifying the exact causes is so complex, right?

Why are my clothes coming out of the dryer wrinkled?  Clothes may come out of the dryer wrinkled for many reasons. See the list-

  • Improper dry setting. 
  • Improper sorting of clothes.
  • Overfilling dryer.
  • Using high spin cycle.
  • Putting too few items in dryer.
  • Not using permanent press cycle.
  • Leaving clothes in dryer for too long.
  • Removing clothes before ending cycle.

In this article, I am going to discuss these causes in great detail. I hope you’ll be benefited from this discussion.

Let’s go!

Causes of clothes coming out of dryer wrinkled

Tangled clothes 

When you use washer, garments may entangle because of the rough movement in washer. It doesn’t actually matter what type of cycle you use. Garments will entangle more or less.

If you put these entangled clothes in dryer, they’ll develop more creases. Therefore, you should rearrange them before throwing them into the dryer.

Never forget to shake fabrics a little. Such practices will save clothes from becoming wrinkled in the dryer.

Incorrect dry setting

Before drying, you should understand the nature of the fabric. It’ll help you to adopt appropriate dryer settings. Otherwise, your dress may develop further wrinkles.

For example, you shouldn’t throw the following fabrics in the dryer. See the list-

  • Lace
  • Leather
  • Suede
  • Cashmere
  • Wool
  • Silk
  • Rayon

Most of these fabrics are so delicate that high heat may damage them. Additively, leather can’t endure extreme temperature at all. In such situation, leather may be melted or distorted.

In contrast, use dryer for the following fabrics-

Overfilling the dryer

A rule of thumb is never overfill the dryer. When you do it, garments can’t tumble freely. Resultantly, drying time will increase, and clothes will come out with more wrinkles. Not only this, you will see-

  • Increased electricity bill.
  • More pilling in cloth.
  • Garments aren’t dried properly.
  • The motor can be overheated and damaged over time.

Not using permanent press cycle

If your dryer has permanent press cycle, utilize it. Not using it may be responsible for wrinkled clothes.

This cycle uses a medium-heat setting to save clothes from extra heat. Most importantly, it has a cool-down cycle at the end. Take a look at the following temperature table

CycleTemperature (F)Temperature (C)
Gentle Cycle12551
Permanent Press Cycle13557
Normal Cycle13557

If your dryer doesn’t come up with permanent press option, use a delicate cycle.

Using high spin speed

Some wrinkles may create because of the high spin speed of dryer. When you set high spin speed, clothes are forced hugely against the drum.

Therefore, never use such a high spin cycle. Instead, use a gentle cycle to ensure proper drying.

Remove clothes quickly

Sometimes, you may remove clothes from the dryer before the cycle ends when you’re in a hurry. However, you should never do it.

Most cycles have a cool-down period in the end to protect clothes from wrinkles. If you don’t allow garments to go through this stage, you will observe more wrinkles in items.

Therefore, I recommend you remove clothes after the cycle ends.

Leaving clothes for too long

Some of you may prefer to leave clothes in the dryer overnight. Am I right? It’s totally okay to do so, provided that wrinkles don’t bother you at all. Surprisingly, some of these creases may be permanent. Even ironing can’t fix them. Ouch!

When the drum stops spinning, clothes stay still in their position. Some dresses may bend down by the fabric over them. If you don’t remove them, the remaining heat will set in clothes to develop more wrinkles.

Hence, take out your clothes from dryer as soon as the cycle is finished. Then, put them on a hanger for several minutes. After that, store them wherever you want.

Incorrect sorting of clothes

Never forget to sort clothes before running the dryer. If you put heavier materials with light materials, awkward situations may arise. For example, you may find lightweight materials dried properly, while the heavier ones aren’t. That’s why correct sorting of fabric is so crucial.

You can sort clothes in the following manners-

  • Sort by color
  • Sort by dirtiness
  • Sort by fabric type

It’s a wiser decision to dry light, medium, and dark garments separately. Moreover, separate lint-receiver from lint-giver for better results. Lastly, never put delicate fabrics with synthetic fabrics.

Too few pieces in dryer

When you put too few items in the dryer, it may require a longer time to dry. In this case, garments tend to ride around the edge of the drum. They will move a little through the cycle and not expose to hot air frequently.

Resultantly, more time will be needed to become fully dry, which also means more wrinkles in fabrics.

How to solve wrinkling in dryer

  • Understand the appropriate dry setting for every fabric. Check garment care labels for exact information.
  • Use the lower heat setting to protect clothes from damage.
  • Shake and arrange clothes before putting them in the dryer.
  • Never overfill the dryer. Always keep half of the dryer empty for better results. Fabrics should have space to tumble properly.
  • Sort clothes by fabric type. Never put heavy items with delicate materials.
  • Use permanent press cycle for clothes.
  • Use ice cubes or a damp towel to avoid further wrinkles.
  • After drying, remove clothes as quickly and let them hang using hangers.
  • If you observe too many wrinkles in dried clothes, put them back in the dryer with damp clothes. Moisture of the wet fabric will remove wrinkles.

Frequently asked questions

Why Do Clothes Get Wrinkled?

  • High heat is one of the most common causes of wrinkles. Some fabrics like rayon, cotton, silk are more prone to wrinkles. So, take extra care of them.
  • Harsh detergent may be responsible for creases. So, avoid them and use softer ones.
  • Using incorrect wash and dry settings may damage clothes by growing new wrinkles.
  • Overloading the washer and dryer create more wrinkles.
  • Improper sorting of fabrics may be liable for wrinkles in fabrics.
  • Removing clothes before the drying cycle ends may allow wrinkles to grow.
  • Using rough cycle of washer and dryer ruin dress.
  • When you leave clothes in dryer for too long, new wrinkles may grow.
  • Ironing fully dry clothes make your clothes wrinkled.
  • Storing clothes for long in closet may ruin garments.
  • Body heat and sweat can grow more wrinkles in fabrics.

Can you put ice cubes in the dryer?

Yeah, you can put ice cubes in dryer.

After drying, if you observe wrinkles in garments, put them back in dryer again. Now, toss some ice cubes in it and set the dryer in high heat setting. At that temperature, ice cubes will melt into water first and finally create steam.

This steam works magically on clothes and can remove creases from clothes perfectly.

Bottom line

Understanding various laundry appliances is important for you. Such understanding may save a lot of money for you. Moreover, it saves you from lots of trouble.

So, you may understand why are your clothes coming out of the dryer wrinkled? I hope that you find this article helpful.

Do you want to know anything? Leave it in the comment below!

Goodbye creases!







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