How To Clean An Iron With Paracetamol [Surprising!]

Paracetamol was first made in 1877 or possibly 1852. Later, it became the most commonly used medication for pain and fever in the United States. It’s on the World Health Organization’s List of Essential Medicines too. According to medical experts, Paracetamol doesn’t contain harmful elements.

Most of you might not know that Paracetamol is a fantastic cleaner. You can use it to make soleplate clean. Interestingly, it works quickly compared to conventional cleaning materials. Moreover, the cleaning process is simple, just rub and observe the magic.

Learning how to clean iron with Paracetamol is vital for you. Remember, this tablet is available in almost every home. That’s why you must know this trick and make cleaning iron easier.

So, let’s start.

Clean soleplate with Paracetamol


  • Paracetamol(4 pieces)
  • J-Cloth
  • Oven mitts
  • Tweezers


  • First, ensure that the water tank of your iron is empty.
  • Connect iron to power source and keep it at the highest heat settings.
  • As soleplate becomes extremely hot, try rubbing Paracetamol on hot surface. Resultantly, Paracetamol will melt and clear off sticky residues.
  • Use a j-cloth to wipe clean the melted objects. Please be careful as hot soleplate may harm you. For safety reasons, wear oven mitt.
  • Continue rubbing and cleaning to cover the whole surface. Take special attention to steam holes.
  • Lastly, run hot over an old piece of clothing to remove the remaining gunk away from your iron.

Safety instructions

  • Only adult people should perform this trick as it can be dangerous anytime.
  • Follow the ironing safety rules.
  • While working, keep children away.
  • To finish cleaning quickly, choose an ironing board or a stable surface.
  • Use uncoated Paracetamol tablets only. Coating of Paracetamol might contain gelation or rubber, which creates fume or smell during cleaning works.
  • Never touch hot soleplate with bare hands. Wear over mitts or gloves to protect your hands.
  • Never got distracted while working.

Frequently asked questions

Why does my iron get black stuff on it?

Your iron can get black stuff for several reasons. Learning more about those reasons can improve the lifespan of your iron. So, the leading causes behind black stuff on soleplate are-

  • Using too hot temperatures for ironing fabrics.
  • Using starch inappropriately.
  • Not cleaning iron after every use.
  • Not emptying the water tank after turning the iron off.


  • Keep water tank empty after use.
  • If your iron has self clean feature, utilize it according to the instruction manual.
  • Take proper care of soleplate regularly.

Clean your iron

Paracetamol is a safe approach to treat dirty or burnt soleplate. However, sometimes you may not have Paracetamol at your house. Use elements like salt, vinegar, baking soda, dryer sheet, and magic eraser in such situations.

Some manufacturers prohibit the use of harmful cleaning agents on soleplate. According to them, soleplate contains a non-stick coating. Using chemicals frequently may ruin the layer. These damaged irons can’t polish garments in the future.

Hence, read the instruction manual of your iron before cleaning it. Otherwise, your actions may cause harm to your iron instead of doing good.

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