How To Clean Iron With Dryer Sheets[Described!]

Dryer sheets are integral components of your laundry room. However, most users aren’t aware of its versatile nature. This sheet can keep sticky residue and dirt off your iron like toothpaste, salt, vinegar, nail polish remover, magic eraser, and baking soda.

Hence, read this article to know more.  

Clean iron with dryer sheet



  1. Firstly, turn on your iron and keep it at the lowest heat settings. 
  2. Now, put two paper towels on your ironing board or on a flat surface.
  3. Then, place the dryer sheet right in the middle of a paper towel.
  4. Take your iron and rub it on the sheet for 30 seconds. 
  5.  After that, run iron again for 30 seconds on the second paper towel.
  6. Now, repeat steps 4 and 5 until your iron is completely clean.

The logic behind using two paper towels is that when you run iron on sheet, it may produce a small amount of oil. That’s why you need to use another towel to wipe cleans the soleplate.

Pros of using dryer sheet

You can reap numerous pros from using dryer sheets. Check the following-

  • It’s cheap.
  • Quickly and effectively remove dirt from soleplate.
  • It can refresh your home while cleaning base of iron.
  • Doesn’t hamper smoothness of iron.

Hazard of using dryer sheets

Dryer sheets aren’t free from their pitfalls. You should be aware while using them. Mostly, dryer sheets contain-

  • Fatty acid
  • Fragrance
  • Clay
  • Polyester substrate
  • Dipalmethyl Hydroxyethylammonium Methosulfate

These elements aren’t meant to be ingested. Therefore, always keep your toddlers away while using sheets to clean soleplate. Most importantly, never forget to store those safely in your laundry room.

Buy dryer sheets

You can easily find dryer sheets at nearby grocery stores or superstores. If you wish to buy those online, choose Amazon, the most popular global online marketplace. 

Moreover, it offers free delivery at your doorsteps within just one day.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the easiest way to clean an iron?

Some of you might face problems in cleaning dirty iron. However, you can easily clean the base of iron in various ways. Check the following-

  • Rub toothpaste on soleplate to clean it. Toothpaste is a powerful scrubber that performs great against dirty base.
  • Use Paracetamol on base to get residue off an iron.
  • Run hot iron on salt placed on newspaper. Salt is a cleaning agent with a higher melting point. 
  • Apply baking soda and water paste on soleplate. 
  • Place vinegar-soaked towel on base to clean it completely.
  • Pour vinegar and water solution into water reservoir to keep inside of your iron residue-free.
  • Rub magic eraser against cool soleplate to get gunk off iron.
  • Use nail polish remover against base.

Keep your iron clean

A standard iron can offer you nicely polished dresses. These outfits may assist you in standing out in the competitive corporate world. That’s why you may iron your pants, shirts, skirts, and even underwear every day.

However, your iron can’t perform better if its base is not free from melted objects or dirt. So, never forget to clean your iron. If not, dirty iron can stain and ruin your dresses for good.


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