How To Clean a Sunbeam Steam Iron

Cleaning a Sunbeam steam iron is tricky. While wrong steps will compromise the longevity of your iron, right stances will do the opposite.

That’s why you must learn how to clean your favourite iron. However, finding the right solution is difficult to find on the internet. To help you, I’ve written this article.

So, let’s start.

Cleaning Sunbeam Steam Iron

Use damp cloth

a piece of damp cloth
Use a damp piece of cloth to clean iron.

For this purpose, collect a clean and damp cloth. Then,

  • Turn off the iron and disconnect it from power connection.
  • Wait for a few minutes to let the iron cool down properly.
  • Now, take a damp cloth.
  • Use this cloth to wipe clean the soleplate.


Most of the Sunbeam irons come with stainless steel soleplate. That’s why you mustn’t use any abrasive material, pad or vinegar for cleaning purposes. If so, it may ruin the smoothness of soleplate and make ironing tasks difficult. However, you can still use salt, dryer sheet, or magic eraser for cleaning. But, stay gentle while using these materials.

Moreover, sometimes soleplate of your iron may have sticky residues. By the way, how does your iron develops sticky residues?

You may prefer to use starch on your garments from time to time. Furthermore, sometimes you may accidentally melt polyester dresses and transfer the melted objects to soleplate. That’s how soleplate or base of your iron may develop sticky residues over time.

Therefore, clean your iron after every use. There are many ways to remove sticky residues from soleplate. To learn more, read 13 ways to get sticky residues off iron.

In addition, keep the water tank empty after each use. If not, Sunbeam may develop rust and emit brown water. Therefore,

  • First, disconnect iron from power source.
  • Hold it in upside down position.
  • Open the water fill hole and empty the water tank.
  • Shake iron a little bit to remove every drop from reservoir.

Use self-clean function

Sunbeam steam iron on an ironing board.
You must learn how to utilize self-clean function.

Sometimes your iron may develop mineral deposits. Especially if you live in a hard water area, probability of developing scale buildup will be higher. Therefore, you need to apply self-clean function once a month.

To do this,

  • First, turn off the iron and disconnect it from power source.
  • Locate the Steam Leaver button in front of the handle. Now, press it back and forth several times.
  • Open the Water Fill Hole and fill the tank with tap water up to the maximum fill line.
  • Turn on the iron. Set the Fabric Select Dial to Linen and allow it to heat up properly. It may take approximately two minutes.
  • Disconnect iron again and hold it horizontally over a nearby sink.
  • Press and hold the self-clean button. Dirty water will come through steam vents. Shake iron a little for better cleaning. After one minute, release the button.
  • Open the tank and remove the remaining water.
  • Wipe clean the soleplate with a dry towel.
  • Plugin the Sunbeam again and select Linen settings. Wait for two minutes to let iron heat up.
  • Move the Fabric Select Dial to ‘Off’ and disconnect it to let it cool.

For more information, read the instruction manual of your iron.

Take care of your iron

Sunbeam is a renowned company that has been manufacturing steam irons. These irons have wonderful wrinkle-removing power. Especially they throw powerful steam towards garments.

That’s why you must take good care of it. If you do so, irons will last longer. You don’t have to use any fancy cleaning agent. Just use the self-clean feature and keep your iron away from scale buildup. 


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