Chi Iron 13102 Vs. 13106 [Which One To Buy?]

Chi has been leading in the haircare industry for more than 30 years. It also produces high-quality irons and steamer that can ensure the best care for your wardrobe. Two popular models of Chi iron are 13102 and 13106.

These two irons are slightly different in some aspects. To understand their differences, read this article.

Let’s dive in!

Chi iron 13102

According to manufacturer, Chi iron is manufactured with the best possible materials. It has a scratch-resistant ceramic soleplate that glides smoothly over items. Moreover, this soleplate has 400 steam holes on it to let you rectify wrinkles quickly.

Choosing the right temperature setting on this iron is effortless. This retractable iron comes with a detailed temperature dial. Just select the correct fabric type and start polishing your items. By the way, this iron is backed by 1700W.

This iron has unique steam features. You can move from the ‘no steam’ position to the highest level with just a single press. However, you won’t feel discomfort while using this iron, thanks to its nicely designed handle.

In addition, it comes with an eight ft. longer power cord. Such a medium-ranged cord may let you iron garments without facing any trouble. 


  • This iron is built with Chi Flat Iron Technology.
  • It doesn’t leak or split water.
  • This great iron lasts longer.
  • Both spray mist and steam features work great.
  • Its water reservoir can be filled quickly.
  • All controls and buttons on the body are easy-to-handle.
  • Its soleplate stays polished and can be cleaned easily.


  • It doesn’t have a turn-off button.
  • This iron consumes a considerable amount of water.
  • Its water tank isn’t user-friendly.

Chi iron 13106

Like 13102, Chi retractable iron 13106 is manufactured with premium quality materials. It comes with a ceramic soleplate to ensure the faultless gliding. In addition, this soleplate is scratch-resistant, more powerful, and lasts longer. That’s why 13106 can serve the needs of any user.

With 400 tiny steam holes on soleplate, it can generate powerful steam. So, you don’t need to buy an extra steam generator iron for better steam performance. Additively, it has an eight ft. longer retractable power cord.

Before ironing clothes, choose the fabric type and let your smart iron do the rest. So, ironing with this Chi iron isn’t tough anymore.


  • This iron comes with an auto shut-off feature.
  • The temperature knob is comfortable to operate.
  • Its powerful steam can fight both permanent and stubborn wrinkles.
  • Heavy duty and great iron.
  • A professional iron, available in a moderate price range. 
  • It heats up fast and smoothly.


  • This iron is heavy.
  • Left-handed people may not feel comfortable using it.
  • It isn’t designed perfectly.

The differences

Features Chi iron 13102 Chi iron 13106
Dimension of product (inches) 4.8 x 12.3 x 6.4 7.13 x 5.38 x 13.38
Weight 3.5 4.15
Soleplate Ceramic Ceramic
Power(Watts) 1700 1700
Power cord(ft.) 8 8
Auto shut off Yes Yes
Spray mist button Yes Yes
Retractable cord Yes Yes
Self clean Yes Yes
Steam holes 400 400
Manufactured in China China
Warranty period Two years Two years

Final words

Features of both 13102 and 13106 irons are almost the same. However, 13106 iron is a little bit heavy compared to its competitor-13102. That’s why we suggest you buy Chi iron 13102.

Where to buy Chi 13102 and 13106

These two irons are well-accepted and one of the most used models in the US. Thence, you may find them in almost any store in city areas. However, if you want, you may purchase them online too. To check their prices, check Chi 13102 and Chi 13106

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