Can I Use Balsamic Vinegar For Laundry?

Who doesn’t love the smell of fresh cloth? That’s why you might use fabric softeners or fragrant detergents. However, using them frequently may hamper the texture of your gorgeous party dresses. That’s why people all over the world prefer to use vinegar.

But, can I use balsamic vinegar for laundry? Balsamic vinegar is flavored and concentrated vinegar used mainly for health purposes. It’s derived from grape juice and contains high levels of sugar. Therefore, you never choose it for cleaning your dresses, especially white items.

Balsamic vinegar for laundry

A pile of clothes in a laundry basket.
You shouldn’t use balsamic vinegar for laundry.

Balsamic vinegar is produced from white grape juice. It is dark in color and sweeter in taste. It’s almost similar to red wine vinegar and was first used in Modena of Italy.

As it contains sweet and color, you shouldn’t use it for laundry purposes. If you do so, it can quickly penetrate into fabrics. Resultantly, removing those stubborn stains would be difficult, provided that you didn’t make any quick action.

For laundry purposes, we along with other laundry experts suggest using distilled white vinegar or white vinegar. You can use apple cider vinegar or rice vinegar too with some precautions.

How to remove balsamic vinegar stains

However, if you accidentally pour balsamic vinegar on items, rectify the stain as soon as possible. For this purpose,

  • Transfer the stained item to nearby sink and hold it under cold tap water. Let the cold water flow only to the stained zone to constrain the spreading of stain marks.
  • Apply liquid laundry soap to stain marks. You may use your fingers for this purpose.
  • Add a few drops of distilled white vinegar.
  • Cleanse the stains with cold water.
  • Lastly, wash cloth as usual.

Balsamic vinegar uses

balsamic vinegar in a bottle.
Can you use balsamic vinegar for laundry?

Vinegar is an essential element for your laundry room. However, you should be careful while choosing this element. You should choose vinegar that is free from color and sugar. You may know that these two elements (color, sugar) are enough to stain your items.

As balsamic is made from grapes, it’s high in sugar. That’s why you shouldn’t choose this type for laundry.

However, it has several health benefits. You may use it for improving skin health, reducing blood sugar levels, and losing weight.

So, if you accidentally buy balsamic for laundry, don’t throw it away. Instead, use it and stay healthy, wealthy, and wise.

Use correct vinegar

After the whole discussion, you may now understand that balsamic vinegar isn’t perfect for your clothing. Rather, you should buy distilled white vinegar which is the best choice. Moreover, it’s colorless and tasteless.

You can easily buy distilled vinegar from local stores and definitely Amazon. So, buy it and start laundering items right now.



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