Black and Decker D2030 Review [Worth Buying!]

Are you searching for a great iron for your home? Then, Black + Decker D2030 may be the best purchase for you. Like Sunbeam Steam Master, it is manufactured in China. However, it has gained so much popularity in the US because of its impressive performance.

In this article, I’ll describe the features, specifications, pros, and cons of this product.

Let’s dive in!

General Overview

According to manufacturers, Black + Decker D2030 is one of the most trusted models in the ironing industry. With this iron, you can get professional results for almost any fabric.

This model comes with a convenient LCD. So, you can control the steam burst and temperature setting with the touch of buttons.

Its steam burst is quite powerful. So, you can easily vertical steam your clothes.

The stainless steel soleplate moves smoothly over fabrics without damaging them. Moreover, it is the perfect one to work for a longer duration.

Lastly, the 3-way auto shut-off keeps you and the iron always safe. So, you are safe from any danger caused by iron.


Large Water Tank

Its water tank can hold around 12 oz. of water. That’s a great advantage in this price range. You can iron more fabrics without refilling the water tank again and again. So, it can save time and free you from hassle.

Medium Range of Power

It comes with a wattage of 1500, comparatively lower than other irons in this price range. However, it heats up quickly, and steam works for a longer period.

This iron can reach the highest possible temperature within two minutes. So, it won’t be tough for you to process tougher fabrics, like polyester.

Intuitive Dial

The design of D2030 is super simple. Anyone can operate this iron, thanks to its handy LCD. The days of moving temperature knobs are gone.

However, the position of steam dial is somewhat awkward. As a result, I faced difficulty while operating this iron.

Ergonomically Designed Handle

The ergonomically designed handle never hurts your elbow. So, you can iron for longer hours.

I never found difficulty using this iron. However, the handle of Rowenta DW6080 is more convenient compared to this one.

Stainless Steel Soleplate

Its heavy-duty soleplate can glide smoothly over fabrics. In addition, this stainless steel base can effectively polish  tough spots with less effort.

Digital LCD Display

The digital LCD lets you set the steam burst and fabric setting only by touching buttons. With this LCD, you’ll have no problem fixing the optimal settings.

Moreover, this display will show “ready” when it reaches the set temperature. Thus, you can start working as soon as the display shows it.

Variable Temperature and Steam

This useful feature will allow you to select temperature and steam features according to the fabric type. That means no more wastage.

For heavier fabrics, you can set high temperatures and steam easily. Such features will save a lot of time.

Vertical Steam

With its powerful steam, you can vertical steam your favorite dresses. So, don’t buy an ironing board.

However, it has only 31 steam vents in the soleplate, which is comparatively lower than that of Rowenta DW6080 iron.

Surprisingly, its steam burst is pretty impressive. During series steam, I had to wait for only 7 seconds after one steam to get another. It creates almost 24 gm. /Min of steam, which is not that great.

Three-Way Auto-Off

Its powerful 3-way auto-off can keep you safe. If you forget to turn it off, it will automatically turn off after staying inertly 30 seconds on the soleplate or 8 minutes in vertical position.

However, I noticed that this iron doesn’t automatically turn off if it is tipped over.

Auto-Cleaning and Anti-Calc System

The robust anti-calcium feature will save your iron from any mineral deposit. So, you are free to use tap water. However, for hard water, try to use mixture of tap and bottled water.

Because of this anti-calc system, D2030 can be a perfect choice for people who live in Las Vegas, Indianapolis, Phoenix, Tampa, and San Antonia. This is because around 85% of the water in these areas is hard water.

Apart from that, its auto-clean system can remove unwanted materials through the steam vents easily. These features can prolong the lifespan of your iron. Read the manual for more accurate information.

Anti-Drip Feature

Have you experienced water leaking from your iron? It’s frustrating. However, this powerful iron comes with anti-drip system. That means no more water dripping from iron.


  • Manufacturer: Black+ Decker
  • Product dimensions:5 x 11.5 x 6 inches
  • Power: 1500 Watts
  • Volts: 120 V
  • Soleplate: Stainless Steel (heavy-duty)
  • Item Weight: 3.3 lbs.
  • Power cord: 8 ft.
  • Steaming system: Variable steam and vertical steam
  • Anti-drip: Yes
  • Auto turn-off: Yes
  • Self-clean: Yes
  • Anti-calcium: Yes
  • Warranty period: 1 Year (Limited)

What I prefer

  • Probably the best iron at such an affordable price. You don’t find such a robust iron in this price range.
  • Its steam boost can offer you a smooth finish.
  • Suitable for both professional and home use. Easily process tougher fabrics without damaging them.
  • Buttons are easy to press, and steam comes out easily through vents.
  • If you love quilting, it can be a perfect choice. It heats up quickly and comfortable to operate.
  • With its LCD, you can easily set the ideal temperature and steam boost according to the fabric.
  • This iron can process your clothes quickly. So, you don’t need to spend too much time on ironing.
  • Lightweight and nicely designed.
  • It beeps when it reaches the desired temperature.
  • It requires less water to operate. Moreover, the position of the cord won’t bother you at all.
  • Both right-handed and left-handed can easily handle it.
  • It lasts longer and works great overages.
  • You can use distilled water without hesitation.
  • Storage can be managed easily because of its perfect size.

What I don’t prefer

  • Its power cord is comparatively short.
  • Steam doesn’t come out quickly and may not work better for all fabrics.
  • Position of the steam dial is awkward.

Where To Find Black + Decker D2030?

This D2030 is one of the most popular irons in the US. So, you can easily find it at any super shop or local store. However, I suggest you buy it from Amazon as it always offers a great price for its customers. To check the latest price of this iron, click here.

What To Do With Black + Decker D2030?

Using this iron is super easy, thanks to its handy LCD. You can easily set temperature and steam settings according to the fabric type.

It comes with a larger water tank, which can contain almost 12 oz. of water. Moreover, it consumes less amount of water. That means you can iron more clothes with less water.

With its powerful steam burst, you can polish tough and unwanted spots of your garments.

I tried to iron my polyester and spandex dresses with it. The overall is above average. If I consider its price, it may be the best purchase for household usage.

Warranty Information

This model comes with a warranty period of one year. Usually, the period starts after the date of the original purchase. It provides warranty period for any material defect. Warranty doesn’t cover for the following-

  • Iron damaged by any incident.
  • Commercial usage of iron.
  • Full immersion in water.
  • Modification of product.

For more information, click here.

Maintenance For Black + Decker D2030

  • This iron is suitable for household usage. Don’t use it in any industrial setting.
  • Use the self-clean feature to ensure the durability of iron.
  • Use a proper power connection.
  • Never use any hard object to clean the soleplate.
  • Before storing, unplug iron from the power connection and make sure that it is cool.

For a better understand, click here.

Comparison Table

Feature Black + Decker D2030 Chi Professional
Pros Easy to use, Built-in LCD display, Powerful steam burst Impressive steam output, Long cord, Quick heating
Cons Short power cord Little heavier
Prize Higher Comparatively higher
Wattage 1500 watts 1700 watts
Cord length 8 feet 10 feet
Weight 3.3 lbs. 3.69 lbs.
LCD display Yes No

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Black And Decker a Good Iron Brand?

Yeah, Black + Decker is one of the most used irons in the USA. This iron comes with a stainless steel soleplate that can effectively polish almost all fabrics. It heats up quickly. When it reaches the optimal temperature, it beeps, and the LCD shows “Ready.”

Moreover, this brand has auto-off safety features, which ensures security. Its powerful anti-calcium protects iron from unwanted minerals.

Surprisingly, Black + Decker provides these features at a lower price.

How Do You Clean a Black and Decker Iron Model D2030?

First, turn off the iron and unplug from power connection. After cooling down:

  1. Take a soft towel.
  2. Damp the towel with water and gentle detergent.
  3. Clean the soleplate and whole body with that towel.

You don’t need to use baking soda or other abrasive materials. Most importantly, if you notice white residue in steam vents, use a toothpick to remove it. Never use something very sharp.

This iron has an auto-clean function too. You should auto-clean it when the LCD shows “clean.” To understand the auto-clean process fully, click here.

Who Makes Black & Decker Irons?

The manufacturer of Black + Decker company is Spectrum Brands. It’s an American brand with headquarters in Wisconsin.

This company manufactures home appliances for Black + Decker, Russell Hobbs, and George Foreman. More than 100 years ago, they started their journey in the US. Now, they supply products all over the world.

Is Black And Decker Irons Made in the USA?

No, this is not manufactured in the USA. It is manufactured in China. However, it is one of the most trusted brands in the US.

Final Verdict

So, this is my detailed review of D2030 steam iron. This iron can be a great purchase for you because of its so many handy features.

Like every product, it is not free from its demerits. However, you may give this product a try.

If you want to check its price at Amazon, click here.

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