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Finding the right travel steamer is very crucial. There are too many steamers in the market. Some may have robust steam features. However, their sizes may not suit travelers the best.

In this article, I’’ll mention some best travel steamers with their features, pros, and cons to help you make a decision.

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Best Travel Garment Steamer

1. Rowenta DR8080 Powerful Handheld Garment

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1500 watt

It’s designed with 1500 watts of power that can generate 22 gm. of steam in every minute.


Rowenta DR8080 model can be ready in 45 seconds to save money and energy.

Sanitize fabrics

Its powerful steam can kill bed bugs, germs, and dust mites to offer you fresh and clean items.

Ergonomic design

Rowenta DR8080 comes with ergonomic handle to let you steam comfortably with minimal effort.


It weighs 2.2 lbs. Hence, you can store it in your luggage or suitcase without any problem.

Useful 3 attachments

With this DR8080, you’ll get 3 important accessories-

  • Fabric brush
  • Lint pad
  • Steam bonnet

Removable water reservoir

It has removable water tank having capacity of 6.76 ounces of water. Resultantly, you can steam garments continuously for around 10 minutes. Most importantly, this steamer works perfectly with tap water.

X-cel steam

Its X-Cel steam is as robust as full size steamer. Therefore, don’t worry a bit about its performance at all.

Stainless steel head

Stainless steel soleplate can ensure better heat and steam distribution. Moreover, its wider size reaps the highest benefit from steaming.

Stable base

You will happy to see that it has chair hanger and stable base. These allow you to store it wherever you want.

Steam trigger

Steam trigger switch allows you to enjoy continuous steam without pressing any button.

Long cord

It has 9.84 ft. extra-long cord to steam longer and wider items like curtains, bedding, and drapes.


This steamer comes with one year warranty period from the manufacturer directly. To know more about warranty, click here.


  • Its multi-functional steam options that work great on any types of garments.
  • Easy to store on a shelf because of its stable base.
  • With 1500 watts of power it can work like regular size steamer.
  • It heats up quickly and you may not face with spitting problems.


  • Its 3 lbs. weight can create problem while traveling.
  • Water reservoir isn’t easy to handle.

2. Hilife Steamer for Clothes Steamer

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700 watts of power

This travel size steamer has 700 wattage of power that generates durable and softer steam. It produces steam within 130 seconds and can continuously steam for 14 to 16 minutes.

Water tank

It has a moderate sized water tank that can contain 240 ml of water.

Long cord

It comes with 9 ft long cord that allows you to steam from a distance.

Suitable for all fabrics

This steamer is an awesome alternative to your clothes iron. You can use it to de-wrinkle your pants, shirts, t-shirts, suits, and jerseys.

Portable in size

Its weight is only 1.7 lbs. Because of such tiny size, you can carry it easily while you’re on the move.


This steamer is designed to work with 110-120v.  

Additional equipment

When purchase this steamer, you’ll receive the following-

  • Measuring cup
  • Brush tip


  • You can easily carry this lightweight appliance.
  • It doesn’t spray or leak water.
  • Super easy for personal use and for travel.
  • Heats up quickly to remove tough wrinkles.
  • Super easy to fill the water tank.


  • You should always use this steamer vertically not horizontally. Otherwise, it will drip.
  • There is no setting to control the heat output.

3. MASTEAM Portable Travel Garment Steamer

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Large water tank

This Travel steamer comes with 180 ml large water tank that lets you enjoy 10 minutes of continuous steam. This steamer works great with tap water. However, the manufacturer recommends using distilled water.

Safety features

Unlike other steamer, this steamer has an auto shut-off option supported by two-layered insulated wire. Therefore, you’ll always stay safe when it becomes too hot or reservoir becomes empty.

High Heat Technology

This awesome wrinkle-removal appliance comes with 800 watts of power.  It can generate steam within 90 seconds, whereas the heating time is only 120 seconds. As a result, you can steam items quickly and save time while you’re on the go.


This steamer weighs only 1.5 lbs. Because of such great portability, it’s the best choice for destination weddings, business trips, and vacations.

Spill-proof Design

It’s manufactured with sophisticated spill-proof designed that protects fabrics from getting wet while ironing.

Long Cord

It has an 8 feet long cord that allows you to steam comfortably and hassle-freely.

High quality materials

Heat resistant materials, aluminum heating ball, and robust outer casing make this steamer stronger and durable. Even, it won’t break if it falls on any hard surfaces from 1.2 meters high.

After sales service

It comes with 2 years after sales service. If you face any problem with it, manufacturer will try its best to serve you within 24 hours.


  • You can rely on this product as it has the safety certification from the US directly.
  • This steamer is easy-to-use.
  • It heats up quickly.
  • No dripping.
  • It’s suitable for traveling and comfortable to carry.


  • It doesn’t hold much water.
  • You can’t steam large items comfortably because of its smaller water tank.


  • Never fill the tank with hot water. Use cold water.
  • It works great with tap water.
  • Don’t cross the maximum water fill line.
  • Always keep your body from the hot steam.
  • When use outside of the US, use a transformer.

4. TRAVEL SMART Conair Dual Voltage Garment Steamer

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Dual Voltage

This Travel steamer supports dual voltages-120 or 240. Therefore, just use an adaptor while you’re traveling outside of the US.

Long cord

This low-budget steamer has an 8-foot long cord. Resultantly, you may not feel any problem while steaming.

Sanitize and fresh your garments

Though it’s a tiny sized steamer, it can kill bedbugs, dust mites, bacteria and germs from garments effectively and make them germ-free within minutes.

Lint and bristle brush

With this steamer, you’ll get-

  • Lint brush
  • Bristle brush

Pop-out handle

Its pop-out handle lets you pack it easily in your travel bag or hand luggage.


This compact device weighs 1.2 lbs. with heights less than 10 inches.

450 watts of power

One of the major drawbacks of this steamer is its 450 watts of power. However, it heats up quickly and generates sufficient amount of steam.

No on-off switch

You need to control this device by plugging it in as it doesn’t have an on-off switch.

Steaming capability

It can generate about 10 minutes of steam that is perfect for one shirt.


  • It heats up quickly and easy to use.
  • Its pop-p handle allows storing it comfortably.
  • Use it in any direction as it doesn’t leak.
  • Comes with a dual voltage option.
  • Weight and height of this steamer is just perfect


  • There is no on-off switch. You have to control this device by plugging and unplugging.
  • Need to refill frequently as its reservoir isn’t large.

5. Conair Extreme Steam Hand Held Fabric Steamer 

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Speed heat

It comes with 1110 watt of power. With such a high power, you can continuously steam for around 15 minutes. Moreover, it gets ready within 75 seconds after plugin.

Two heat technology

It’s designed with dual heat options- one for delicate and another for heavy fabrics. With this feature, it can produce 30% hotter and 5 times effective steam than other standard steamers.


It has 9 feet long cord that allows you to ensure convenient and secured movements during steaming.

 Germ-free garments

It can kill 99.9% of bacteria other germs like dust mites, fungus, fleas, and bed bugs from clothes.

Three attachments

When you buy this product, you’ll get some additional items. These are-

  • Smooth cushion brush
  • Creaser
  • Fabric brush

Detachable water tank

It has detachable water reservoir that can contain around 10 oz. of water. Hence, you can steam 6-7 items with a single fill. However, this measure may vary according to the size of garments.

Steam-lock switch

You can control the steam output by triggering the built-in steam-lock switch. In addition, it saves energy too.

Indicator light

The green light will come on when the steamer is ready for use and the red light will come on when it is being hot.

Slide switch

 This switch helps to control the high or low temperature while steaming.


It weighs only 2.2 pounds that makes more convenient to carry and store in traveling.


Manufacturer gives 1 year limited warranty.


  • It saves energy by heating up quickly and generating an ample of steam.
  • Its dual heat feature generates turbo-charged steam and extreme heat that can remove hard wrinkles swiftly.
  • Its multifaceted than an iron and its steam can penetrate in all types of fabrics rapidly.
  • It’s made in the USA and you don’t need to worry about the quality of this steamer.


  • For traveling it may pretty heavier for you.
  • Its water reservoir isn’t large enough and you may have to refill the tank frequently when you sit for steaming a pile of clothes.

6. URPOWER Garment Steamer 

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Unique nozzle

This steamer designed with advanced and unique nozzle that can remove wrinkles and unwanted creases fast.

Compact size

Its tiny size allows you to store it in tight place more conveniently, especially while traveling.

Versatile solution

This URPOWER steamer works great on every item. Therefore, use it on your silk, wedding dress, toys, suits, shirts, and pants.

Safety feature

If this steamer becomes too hot or the tank is about to empty soon, its automatic shut-off system turns itself off.

Water tank

It’s equipped with travel size water reservoir that contains 130 ml of water. Therefore, you can steam continuously for 7 to 10 minutes with a single fill.

By the way, the manufacturer recommends using distilled water. Otherwise, mineral deposits may hamper its lifespan.


It works better with 110 volt. Therefore, use a transformer while traveling abroad.


To satisfy you the best, it comes with 2 year warranty period.


This steamer takes 2 minutes to generate powerful steam. Even, you can start using it one minute after turning it on.


It weighs only 1.2 pounds. Furthermore, its height is only 8.07 inches, whereas the width is 2.28 inches.

Combination of new technology

This unique steamer is featured with-

  • Better quality cord
  • Extreme heat protection
  • High temperature resistant materials
  • Electric leakage protection


  • Its performance is satisfactory on all fabrics like cushions, drapery, tablecloths, and suits.
  • You can use it for your home use too.
  • Heats up quickly and generates powerful steam.
  • This travel sized steamer is more convenient to store and carry.


  • The cord isn’t long enough.
  • Can’t throw steam at all directions.

7. MagicPro Portable Garment Steamer for Clothes

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Rapid heat

This steamer is built with rapid heat technology. Therefore, it heats up fully in just 25 seconds to de-wrinkle your garments.

1500 wattage of power

Most garment steamers come with medium range of power. However, this MagicPro comes with 1500 watts of power.

Hence, this is the best steamer for traveler and working professionals.

Portable steamer

This portable and tiny sized steamer is perfect for business or abroad trip as it weighs 2.83 pounds.

Leak-proof design

It’s manufactured with electric pump system to prevent leaking or spilling. Therefore, you’re free to use this device in any direction-vertically or horizontally.

Safe to Use

It has automatic shut-down feature that protects steamer from accidents occurring when it becomes extremely hot or reservoir is running out of water.

ELT certified

It maintains the safety standards of North America. Therefore, plug it and play without any hesitation.

120 volt

It comes with 120V perfect for the US.

Water tank

It has 300 ml water reservoir that can deliver 15 minutes of constant steam. To protect your dress from brown stains, use distilled water instead of normal tap water.

6 ft. cord

This device comes with a 6 foot long cord. If you want a longer cord, use an extension cable.

Made in China

This product is manufactured with modern technology in China.


It offers 1 year hassle-free warranty with 30 days refund options.


  • Convenient and compact size for storing.
  • It works great on all types of fabrics like wool, polyester, linen, curtains, drapery and much more.
  • It heats up quickly and super easy to steam the clothes.
  • The great advantage is that you can use this vertically or horizontally.


  • Though its compact in size but it’s pretty heavy.
  • The cord isn’t long enough.

8. PERFECTDAY Garment Steamer

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Auto-Shut off

This steamer shuts off automatically when it becomes too hot or the water tank is going to empty.

BPA free product

This steamer is totally BPA-free. Therefore, it’s safer for you and your kids.

Leak proof design

To prevent leaking, it has been manufactured with two-layer spill proof design.

800 wattage of power

This PERFECTDAY comes with 800 watts of power that can soften garments and polish wrinkles by creating steam of 18 gm. /min.

Super-efficient nozzle

Its unique nozzle has 8 steam holes with removable head. This user-friendly nozzle throws powerful steam to penetrate fabrics.

Compact design

It weighs only 1 pound to make it suitable to carry while traveling.

Suitable for all garments

This lightweight steamer works great on almost all items. You can use it to polish weeding dress, suits, table-cloth, jersey, blouse, curtains, and drapes.

Water reservoir

Its water reservoir contains 100 ml of water. With this amount of water, you can continuously steam for around 10 minutes.

Quick heat

It’s designed with speed heat technology that can show incredible performance to remove tough wrinkles.

Fur brush

With fur brush, you can clean debris, dust, or any unwanted objects from your clothes.


  • Perfect steamer for both travel and home use.
  • It maintains the safety standards of North America.
  • It’s a BPA free steamer.
  • No leaking of water while steaming the garments.


  • As the reservoir isn’t large, you need to refill frequently while steaming.
  • Doesn’t work great on all garments type.

9. Magictec Portable Travel Garment Steamer

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Improved nozzle design

Its unique nozzle helps to distribute steam equally through the clothes and can eliminate wrinkles effectively.

800 watts of power

This steamer can heat up fully in just 70 seconds backed by its 800 watts of power.

Water tank

Its water tank can hold 180 ml of water that lets you steam for 9 minutes without taking any break.

Multidimensional steamer

This steamer can serve 7 different purposes like cleaning, eliminating wrinkles, killing germs, refreshing, defrosting and treating clothes.

Compact design

It weights is only 1.17 pounds. Therefore, it’s suitable for traveling due to its compact design.

Safety feature

This Magictec comes with auto shutoff feature. Hence, you’re safe from any kind of electrical hazard. It’ll automatically turn itself off when it becomes too hot or reservoir is running low.

Anti-drip system

It’s designed with electrical anti-leakage protection system that prevents leaking or spilling during steaming. 

Tap water

You can use regular tap water for it. This tap-water friendly steamer doesn’t require distilled water to operate.

Cord length

It comes with a cord that is 93 inches in length.

360 degree movement

It’s designed in such a way that allows you to steam vertically or horizontally.


This product is supported by one year warranty period from the manufacturer.

120 Volt

It works with 120V. While traveling outside of the US, use a converter.


  • It heats up instantly and wrinkles out easily with busting steam.
  • It’s super easy to pack in travel bag.
  • Comes with a longer cord.
  • Everyone, even patients with arthritis in hands, may feel comfort using it
  • It is designed with North American Safety Standards.


  • The water reservoir is not large enough to complete a project.
  • The reservoir window is black and therefore it’s hard to check the water level.

10. Lemontec Portable Travel Garment Steamer 

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800 wattage of power

It comes with 800 wattage of power to eliminate obstinate wrinkles.


This Lemontec heats up in 70 seconds to smooth your items quickly. Most importantly, it’s safe for fabrics like silk, polyester, wool, and satin.

2 point cable

This handy device comes with a 2 point cable. Therefore, you don’t have to use an extension cable.

Safety setting 

It’s manufactured with built-in safety features. As a result, steaming is safer if this steamer becomes too hot or reservoir becomes empty.

Amazing Nozzle

Its unique nozzle design throws steam evenly over garment to remove wrinkles fast.

Water tank

This tank capacity is 180ml allowing you to continuously steam for up to 9 minutes.


It weighs only 1.41 pounds. That’s why this is the perfect choice for travelers or nomads.

Anti-leakage design

Because of its Electric leakage prevention system, it doesn’t leak or spill while steaming.

110 volt

It supports only 110 volt.

Certified by ETL

You can trust on product as it is ETL listed and comply to North American Safety Standard properly.


  • It heats up quickly and able to produce good steam output.
  • Nice portable size for traveling.
  • Easy-to-use steamer.
  • This steamer is a great value for money.


  • You need to use it vertically. If not, it’ll leak.
  • Water reservoir is too small.


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