10 Best Steam Generator Iron Reviews[Check The List!]

Steam generator irons are expensive and difficult to store in your closets. However, this bulky appliance can reduce the regular ironing time. That’s why it can make your life easier and reduce problems in your busy life.

To help you make a decision, we’ve presented 10 best steam generator irons in the market. Among the mentioned irons, our choice is Morphy Richards Jet Steam Generator Iron 333020.

So, are you curious in knowing more? Let’s go!

Best steam generator iron

1. Rowenta DG8624U1 Perfect Pro Station

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It’s always wise to invest in a standard steam generator iron. A renowned company, Rowenta produces so many powerful irons for consumers. One of its popular models, Rowenta DG8624U1 is popular because of its compact but powerful features. 

With 1800 wattage of high wattage of power, it can generate 7.4 bars of high pressure. DG8624U1 comes with 400-HD micro steam holes that ensure 430 g/min burst of steam. Consequently, you can smooth out wrinkles and creases efficiently from any fabric. 

It comes with a large removable water tank having a capacity of 37 ounces. If you want endless sessions, Rowenta DG8624U1 would be a good solution.

In addition, this energy-efficient iron can save electricity costs of more than 25 percent. Moreover, its elegant gliding can reduce ironing time by around 35 percent.


  • Comes with a built-in calcium collector.
  • It has an extra-long 11 feet cord.
  • 400 HD micro stream holes with stainless steel soleplate
  • Its water tank supports regular tap water.


  • Some users complained about its durability

To read the full review of this iron, read Rowenta DW8624U1 Perfect Pro Reviews.

2. Laurastar Lift Plus Steam Iron in Blue Sky

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Professional but compact steam generator iron like Laurastar Lift Plus is totally uncommon in ironing industry. This iron has just begun a revolution in the market due to its mesmerizing and quicker performance.  

Lift Plus is a powerful steamer and iron at the same time. It purifies garments by killing 99.9% of germs like dust mites, fungus, bacteria, and viruses. The 3D soleplate distributes steam thoroughly over items to eliminate creases. Thus, use this iron to get professionally polished dresses. 

Moreover, the ergonomic handle can render a comfortable feeling to both left and right-handed people. So, buy it without any hesitation.

Lastly, this amazing iron is manufactured by Swiss engineering, which has more than 35 years of experience in business. This company always maintains standards and excellence in its products. Therefore, buy it without any hesitation. 


  • 1700 watts of power removes wrinkles in seconds.
  • 3D active soleplate ensures proper steam distribution.
  • Both left and right-handed people will feel comfortable with this iron.
  • The iron is lightweight compared to other standard irons.
  • It reduces regular ironing times by 15 times.


  • It’s a little bit expensive.

3. Philips GC9682/86 PerfectCare Elite Plus Steam Generator 

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According to manufacturer, it’s one of the most robust and smartest irons in the market. Its automatic temperature setting lets you polish items without selecting temperature settings. Therefore, ironing will be nothing but sweet dreams. In addition, OptimalTEMP technology prevents iron from burning your favorite and expensive outfits.

PerfectCare is designed with intelligent automatic steam and DynamiQ sensor system. As a result, it’ll adjust steam output when it glides over garments. 

This lightweight iron can elevate your regular ironing experience. Interestingly, 165 g/min of continuous steam and powerful steam burst of 600g/min can impress anybody.

It has a 1.8 liter large transparent detachable water tank that can provide 2 hours of continuous steaming. Moreover, safety lock and transportation lock can keep you and your appliance safe.


  • No temperature setting is required to iron items.
  • Lightweight and provide plenty of steam.
  • Auto shut-off feature ensures safe ironing.
  • An anti-scale system extends the lifespan by removing residues continuously.
  • Its upgraded soleplate T-ionicGlide gives an effortless result.


  • It takes two hours to cool down.
  • Impossible to keep it in upright position as the base is curved.


4. Morphy Richards Jet Steam Generator Iron 333020  (Our Choice)

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Morphy Richards Jet Steam might be the most affordable option for you. Compared to other standard irons, it’s cheap and can effectively remove permanent wrinkles.

Jet Steam produces 100 g/min of steam with powerful water spray function to fight tough and permanent wrinkles. Moreover, its high-quality stainless steel soleplate glides faultlessly over fabrics and lasts longer to serve you overages.

Besides, its one-liter detachable water tank saves you from frequent refilling. Plus, anti-scale system prevents mineral deposits inside iron. Thus, it prolongs the life of your iron. 

Moreover, an extra-long cord of 1.8 m, 3.75 kg weight and soft-grip handle make this iron more comfortable to operate.


  • Excellent value for money and makes all types of your clothing crisp and tidy.
  • Lightweight and easy to operate.
  • Great steam and excellent soleplate can make ironing an easier task.
  • This iron lasts longer.


  • Water reservoir isn’t large enough.
  • This 2200 watts iron takes a longer time to heat up.

5. Morphy Richards Steam Generator Iron Power Steam Elite

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Morphy Richards 332013 produces wrinkle-busting steam, thanks to its 2400 watts of power. To make ironing hassle-free, it comes with a 2.2L water tank and non-stick ceramic soleplate. 

After an inactivity period of ten minutes, this iron will automatically shut itself off. With its astounding 6.5 bar pressure, 200 g/min of continuous steam, and 310 g/min of steam boost, this iron can challenge any wrinkles. You can even utilize vertical steaming on hanging garments. Lastly, transport lock ensures safety during transportation. 


  • Its unique auto-clean system cleans the iron itself. Therefore, don’t worry about keeping it clean. 
  • Ceramic soleplate provides an even steam distribution.
  • It can iron multiple layers of clothes at once to reduce ironing time in half.
  • Safety lock system makes it easy to carry.
  • Auto shut-off system keeps your home safe.


  • After filling the reservoir, it becomes kind of heavy.
  • Water tank isn’t transparent. Therefore, you may face difficulty in seeing the water level.
  • It creates annoying sounds while operating. 

6. Russell Hobbs 24440 Steam Generator Iron

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Because of some wonderful features, Russell Hobbs 24440 steam generator Iron is different from other irons. It features 2600 wattage of power with 4.5 bar pressure that heats up in 60 seconds. Resultantly, ironing will be a quicker, more fun, and interesting task to do. 

Additionally, 100g steam output can tackle the toughest wrinkles. The anti-scale system prolongs the longevity of your iron. Moreover, auto shut-off features and vertical storage make this iron more user-friendly. 


  • A lightweight iron comes with a larger water tank.
  • Ceramic soleplate glides smoothly over fabrics.
  • It has three different steam settings.
  • Cord and hose storage reduce hassle while ironing.
  • Comfortable Upright storage system.
  • Light and easy to operate.
  • It comes with a staggering warranty period of two years.
  • Descaling function of this iron is simple compared to other irons.


  • It takes time in generating steam after pressing steam button.
  • Requires a longer time to heat up.

7. Tefal GV9580 Pro Express Ultimate Steam Generator Iron

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Are you worried about the quality of standard steam generator irons? Then, Tefal GV9580 is the best choice for you.  

Steady steam output of 8 bars and 180g/m ensures highly-efficient ironing. Most importantly, 580g/min steam boost can polish the toughest wrinkles within the shortest possible time. 

GV9580 has been designed with four steam settings-delicate, eco, max, and normal. The steam button is located on its handle to let you control steam settings using your fingertip. 

A removable scale collector system offers ten times more protection against mineral deposits. In addition, Durilium Airglide Autoclean soleplate glides smoothly over fabrics. As this iron is lightweight, you may not feel any problem while using it. 

To keep you tension-free, this Tefal comes with two years guarantee.  


  • It’s highly effective on all types of fabrics.
  • GV9580 produces enough amount of steam in a shorter period.
  • Eco, delicate, normal, and max steam settings ensure the best combination of steam and heat for fabrics.
  • 1.9-litre large water tank ensures less refilling during ironing.
  • This lightweight iron is easy to operate.


  • Plastic water chamber is of below standard quality.
  • Its power cord can’t be stored easily.
  • This iron is large in size. That’s why you may face problems in storing it.

8. Tefal GV9611G0 Pro Express Ultimate 2600 W

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According to manufacturer, Tefal GV9611GO iron generates brilliant steam with 8 bars of pressure. Additionally, it creates continuous steam output up to 180g/min with 650g/min steam boost that effectively smooth out the hardest wrinkles. 

Pro Express has six steam settings- Max Boost, Max, Normal, Delicate, Eco, and smart. Such a diversified steam setting is uncommon in other brands. 

Its removable tank and carry lock make it easy to transport. An extra-large 1.9 L water tank allows you to iron a pile of clothes with a single fill.

Interestingly, Pro Express creates minor sound although it’s backed by 2600 watts of power. So, you can use it whenever you want, even when your kids are sleeping. Its Durilium soleplate moves more comfortably compared to other models. 


  • This Tefal comes with smart steam function to deliver the correct amount of steam. 
  • Water reservoir is large enough to iron a great number of clothes.
  • You can store the cord beneath the main unit. So, don’t worry about storing it.
  • A removable scale collector can collect 10 % more scale. 
  • This iron is lightweight to carry as the water reservoir can be separated from iron without any discomfort.
  • Automatic steam function can provide the perfect steam according to the fabric. 
  • This iron is comfortable to carry. 


  • When filled with water, it can be pretty heavy.
  • Cord length isn’t sufficient according to many users.
  • Expensive and bulky in size.

9. Morphy Richards 332017 Steam Generator, 2400 W

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According to manufacturer, Morphy Richards comes with intelliTemp settings. As a result, you can iron any fabric without wasting any time selecting heat settings. Most importantly, it never puts burn marks on your favorite and expensive items.

This iron is backed by 2400 watts of power and 2.2L water tank. To let steam penetrate your garments, it throws 120g/min of continuous steam and 300g/min of steam burst. That’s why you don’t have to worry about wrinkles on your items.

To make ironing easier, its soleplate has a ceramic coating, which is renowned for elevated gliding and long-lasting nature.


  • Its 2.2-liter large water tank lasts longer.
  • Ceramic soleplate has super glide and eliminates hard wrinkles effortlessly.
  • It produces enormous steam to show maximum performance while ironing.
  • IntelliTemp setting protects your clothes from burning while ironing.
  • Any user, even short-handed can easily hold this iron.
  • Not a noisy steam generator iron at all.
  • A robust iron that lasts longer.


  • The water reservoir isn’t transparent. Therefore, it isn’t easy to see the water level from the outside.
  • The water tank isn’t easy to fill with water.
  • Storing this iron is complex.

10. Russell Hobbs 24460 Quiet Super Steam Pro Iron, 2750 W

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Russell Hobs 24460 steam iron can fulfill your demands effectively. Its quiet technology makes this iron 20% more silent compared to other models. 

Moreover, its reusable limescale collector is more effective than “Tefal”. Finally, it added one temperature settings that make ironing more accessible and user-friendly. 

Lastly, 8 bars of steam pressure with enormous 315g/min of steam, this iron can fresh any clothes with great care. Apart from that, this iron has a 1.8L water reservoir and auto shut-off feature. 


  • It offers two years guarantee and after registering you will get one extra year again.
  • Premium ceramic soleplate and 2750 wattage of power make it an absolute joy to use.
  • Its carry handles make it easier to move while traveling. 
  • A super effective iron even in hard water areas.


  • It heats up slowly.
  • An expensive iron that many users can’t afford.

Which is better: steam generator or steam iron?

Though Steam generators and steam irons are used for the same purpose, they are almost different in nature.

A steam generator iron has two parts: the separate water tank and the iron itself. The water tank has an iron holder directly attached to the boilerplate. After turning the switch on, water flows from the water tank to the boiler. Latter, the boiler converts this water into steam. Then, it utilizes steam to polish garments.

A steam iron doesn’t have a complicated design like a steam generator iron. Instead, it has only one single unit that consists of a built-in water tank, the boiler, and the soleplate. In addition, there is a water tank just above the boiler, which produces steam. 

When does a Steam Iron perfect for you?

For personal usage, one doesn’t need a heavy iron-like steam generator. The amount of steam produced by steam iron is enough for individual demand. 

If your family size is small and iron occasionally, buy a steam iron. Moreover, a steam iron is compact in size, making it perfect for people living in dorms, studio flats, or shared spaces.

Another case is that steam iron is more cost-effective and budget-friendly than steam generator iron. So, if you are looking for a cheap but effective iron for personal usage, you can choose steam iron. 

What should I look for in a steam generator iron?

Some features are significant to know before buying a steam generator iron. These features are-

Steam pressures

The efficiency of iron depends mainly on its steam pressure. Therefore, I recommend considering at least 50 g/min steam pressure for a standard steam iron, where 100g to 190g of steam pressure per minute for a steam generator iron. 

Steam shot

Steam shot helps penetrate multi-layer fabrics or hard-to-reach areas quickly. That is why a standard iron should have 230g to 600g per minute of steam shot.

Tank capacity 

There is no ideal size of water tank capacity. Mainly it depends on the number of clothes to be ironed. Nevertheless, we recommend buying iron with a water tank hazing a size of 1.5L to 2.2L. Such a reservoir may save reservoir from constantly refilling it.  


Limescale clogs the steam vents and ruins the longevity of the iron. An anti-scale system helps to remove any residues inside the iron. Mainly this feature is inevitable for hard water areas. 


The higher the watt, the faster the heat and the shorter the ironing time. If you want to iron in less time, buy a high wattage iron.

Auto switch-off

Another safety feature is that auto-off function. Now almost all the modern irons come with that feature. Auto-off settings prevent the possibility of sudden accidents. 


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