BEAUTURAL 1800-Watt Steam Iron Reviews[Amazing!]

Are you looking for a low-budget iron? With so many irons in the market, it’s totally impossible to make a wise decision. That’s why I’m presenting you with a great iron that is priced under $40.

Are you interested in this iron? This iron is BEAUTURAL 1800-Watt Steam Iron. In this article, I’ll focus on the features, pros, cons, and other important aspects of this iron.

So, let’s start.

General overview

BEAUTURAL 1800-Watt Iron has the best Dual Plate Soleplate that ensures even heat distribution. Because of 1800 watts of power, it heats up within minutes. So, don’t worry about your wrinkled items anymore. With this iron, ironing time will be 30% lower than most irons in the market.

Sometimes, you face difficulty in finding a suitable temperature for your fabric. As a result, you end up with burned items. What a loss! But, those miserable days are gone forever. BEAUTURAL presents you with 9 different heat settings, allowing you to iron to both softer and synthetics materials. With an LCD display, it’s just a matter of seconds to set the correct heat settings for your favorite dress.

Moreover, its soleplate is made from Ceramic, which is scratch-proof and non-stick. Moreover, maintaining such soleplates is nothing but a breeze. Just use a soft household material and make your soleplate crystal clear.

Lastly, this amazing and one of the best cheapest irons has three way Auto Shut-off system. It doesn’t drip at all and has a robust self-clean feature. Utilize this feature and keep scale buildup away from your iron.


1800 watts power          

This BEAUTURAL is manufactured with powerful 1800 watts of power. Just plug it into the nearest electrical outlet and start using it. You don’t have to wait at all.

You can hardly find such a powerful iron in the market. Even, Rowenta and other expensive irons in the market can’t offer you higher wattage compared to this BEAUTURAL. Check the following table-

Iron Power
Rowenta DW6080 1700
Eurosteam Iron Steamer 1000
Rowenta DW5260 1715
Rowenta DW8080 1700

Ceramic Soleplate

Most irons are designed with Stainless Steel, which is a robust material. However, Steel can’t protect itself from scratch or minor accidents. In contrast, Ceramic is a scratch-proof and durable material.

However, you need to take good care of ceramic soleplate. Use salt, dryer sheet, magic eraser, or any soft cloth to keep it clean. For more detailed information, read the instruction manual or read how to get sticky residue off an iron.

9 Different Heat settings

Are you amazed at BEAUTURAL iron? The list isn’t finished. This iron has 9 different temperature settings for wool, linen, jeans, silk, nylon, cotton, and more.

To set heat settings for your fabric, press the temperature button. Keep pressing until you find desired fabric. When you see your fabric type, it’ll keep flashing. When your iron reaches the required temperature, flashing will stop. Now, start ironing and de-wrinkle your items.  

40% More Steam

Like power, it has a robust steaming feature too. As it produces 40% more steam, removing wrinkles is effortless with this iron. To enjoy steam, first fill the water tank. Then, move the Variable Steam to steam position. Now, start steaming.

If you face problems in steam, learn how to troubleshoot this iron. Hopefully, it may solve your problem. Unless taking advantage of its 2 years warranty period.

Auto shut-off

This iron has a three way auto shut-off feature. As a result, it’ll turn off if it’s tipped over. Moreover, if you keep it for more than 8 minutes in vertical mode and 30 seconds in horizontal mode, BEAUTURAL will automatically shut it off.

During use, I observed that this feature works faultlessly. Hence, this 1800-Watt Iron is a safer choice for you and your family members.

Anti-calcium feature

This iron is tap-water friendly. Use normal tap water to fill the water tank. Don’t pour scented ironing water or starch in the tank.

It has powerful anti-calc feature. As a result, BEAUTURAL will protect it from calcium buildup and improve its lifespan by many times.

Self-cleaning feature

Are you worried that your iron will be dirty and leaks brown streaks? If so, don’t worry a little. This iron has a powerful self-clean feature. Utilize this feature and keep iron away from unwanted materials.

Manufacturer suggests utilizing self-clean once every two weeks. For more information and how-to guide, take a look at the manual.

Anti-drip feature

To prevent spills and leaks, it has built-in anti-drip feature. So, you won’t accidentally moist your garments. However, if you face dripping problem, check water tank. You may have overfilled it. Always fill the tank up to the MAX fill line.

Pre-tested iron

Like Pursteam, BEAUTURAL always pretests their irons prior to delivering them to customers. Their QA team test irons with rigorous testing. After assuring of the quality, they send it to your doorsteps.

So, don’t hesitate at all. Buy it. Believe me, you won’t regret it.

Warranty period

This low-budget awesome iron comes with two years warranty period. Moreover, BEAUTRUAL offers 90 days money-back guarantee.


  • Dimensions of item: 11.3 ×88 × 5.75 inches
  • Weight: 3.18 lbs.
  • Color: Gray
  • Power: 1800 Watts
  • Temperature settings: 9 settings
  • LCD display: Yes
  • Anti-drip: Yes
  • Self-clean: Yes
  • Anti-calcium: Yes
  • Auto Shut-off: Yes
  • Warranty period: 2 years(Money-back guarantee-90 days)


  • This iron comes with excellent customer service.
  • It doesn’t drip or leak water.
  • It can satisfy the needs of quilters or sewers.
  • It heats up quickly and stays hot for longer hours.
  • Steaming is enough to polish seams and rectify bad spots.
  • It has one of the best temperature settings.
  • It makes ironing an enjoyable task to do.
  • Auto shut-off ensures safety and it works accurately.
  • Well-balanced steam iron with 1800 watts of power.


  • Power cord isn’t longer enough.
  • It’s bigger in size.
  • The fill hole of water tank is made of plastic.

Safety instructions to follow

  • Read the instruction manual before using this iron.
  • This iron is manufactured only for household uses.
  • To improve lifespan and reduce the risk of electric shock, never submerge it in liquid.
  • Before filling the tank, disconnect iron from power connection.
  • Never yank the power cord.
  • If power cord is damaged, get it repaired.
  • Never use this iron keeping children close.
  • Never touch hot soleplate with bare hands.
  • After use, empty the water tank.
  • Always store it in a secured place. If needed, use an ironing caddy.

For more safety instructions, read the manual.


Troubleshooting this iron isn’t a difficult task to do. You need a proper guideline to do this job. For troubleshooting this iron, read Troubleshooting BEAUTURAL iron.

Where to buy BEAUTURAL iron?

You can obviously buy this iron from various sources. Visit your nearby local stores and you may find it in there.

If you want to buy online, check it at Amazon. Amazon is the most trusted buying place for millions of users in both the US and Canada. Moreover, it offers free and the fastest possible delivery.

To check its price at Amazon, click here.

The final delivery

There are so many irons in the market. However, it’s always difficult to find an awesome iron like BEAUTURAL 1800-Watt Steam Iron under $40 marks. This iron can satisfy the needs of every user. It has the perfect heat and steaming feature. It’s safer and more comfortable to use too.

However, it’s kind of heavy. So, if you have an arthritis problem, choose Pursteam Professional Grade Iron instead of choosing it. If it’s not your case, stick with it.

After buying it, I’m sure that you’ll love it. To check its price again, click here

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