Does Baking Soda Remove Paint From Clothes?

Baking soda is another amazing cleaner, just like vinegar. It can effectively remove acrylic and oil paints from clothes. 

Does baking soda remove paint from clothes? Using only baking soda against pant stains isn’t a good idea. Therefore, mix powerful cleaners like rubbing alcohol, dish soap, laundry detergent with baking soda to get the best results.

Learning these hacks may save your garments. You may have stained dresses in your closets. So, grab those items and clean with baking soda right now.

How to remove paints from clothes with baking soda

Although baking soda is powerful, it can’t work alone against tough paint stains. That’s why you must gather the following items before starting. 


  • Water(one cup)
  • Cup
  • Baking soda(one tablespoon)
  • Detergent(one tablespoon)
  • Dish soap(2-3 drops)
  • Rubbing alcohol(2-3 drops)
  • Sponge


  • First, mix those items in a cup and stir properly to dissolve the elements.
  • If your garment is small, dip it into this solution and leave it there for around 10 minutes. 
  • For larger items, dip a sponge in this solution.
  • Now, scrub paints with this sponge. Continue this process until paint stains are lifted properly.

Hopefully, this process may work great against tough paint spots on garments. If stains are trivial, follow the lighter method. In this method, you’ll need only three items-

  • Warm water
  • Small bowl
  • Baking soda


  • First, mix warm water and baking soda together in the bowl. 
  • Stir these two elements until they form a paste. 
  • Now, rub this paste against stain marks. Continue scrubbing until spots are gone properly. 
  • Finally, wash clothes as usual. You can either machine wash or hands wash your items.

Instructions for using baking soda

First of all, baking soda doesn’t contain any harmful elements. Therefore, it’s safer for your garments. However, excessive use of soda can-

  • Leave white residue on surface of garments.
  • Fade natural fabrics.
  • Ruin dye because of its high pH.
  • Make garments rough.
  • Reduce durability overages.

For detailed information, follow can baking soda damage clothes?

Instructions for removing paint from fabrics

Removing paint from fabrics can be troublesome. If your garments are delicates, you need to be more careful. In such cases, adopt professional laundry services.

However, if you still want to remove paint all by yourself, maintain the following tips and tricks-

  • Your garments may react negatively to baking soda. That’s why always apply soda on a small part of garments first. If you observe nothing unusual, stick with it. Otherwise, choose another agent suitable, such as vinegar, to remove paint.
  • Pick standard laundry detergent. Cheap ones may fade clothes.
  • Always scrub, rub, or blot stains spots gently. Aggressive rinsing may damage clothes.
  • Removing oil-based paints from clothes is tough. So, be patient while dealing with these paints.  

Use baking soda

You can remove paint stains from clothes if you know these hacks. So, use these techniques and keep your items neat and clean.


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