Aleema 1800W Steam Iron Review [Cheap And Great!]

There are many low-budget irons in the market. Most of the time, their performance isn’t up to the mark. However, Aleema 1800W Steam Iron is an exception in this case. It has so many mind-blowing features.

Are you interested in this iron? Then, read this article as I’ll describe the specifications, pros, and cons of this 1800W iron.

General overview: Aleema 1800W

According to manufacturer, this 1800W is suitable for any household needs. Its ceramic-coated soleplate heats up quickly to save time and energy. Unlike other models, this iron has a larger tank that can hold around 470 ml of water. Therefore, you don’t require frequent refilling while ironing.

This versatile iron can be performed as dry ironing and steaming. To stem clothes, it has steam burst button. Even, it has spray mist button to wet your dresses before ironing.

Moreover, it has anti-drip, auto-off, anti-calcium features to improve its lifespan. 


1800W of power

To let you iron faster, it is designed with massive power, 1800 watts. Resultantly, this iron heats up quickly within a minute. 

You can hardly find such robust irons at low prices. To grasp the difference, take a look-

Iron Power(watts)
Sunbeam Steam Master 1400
Pursteam 1700W Iron 1700
Maytag M400 1500
BEAUTURAL 1800W Iron 1800
Rowenta DW5260 1715

Interestingly, this steam iron has more power than Rowenta DW5260, with price little lower than $100. So, if you want to enjoy high power at lower price, stick with it. 

Ceramic soleplate

Nowadays, most irons have stainless steel soleplates. However, ceramic is more durable, scratch-resistant, easy-to-maintenance compared to stainless steel. That’s why Aleema is manufactured with ceramic soleplate.

Apart from that, this soleplate has non-stick coating to ensure gentle movements over garments.

4 different temperature settings

This iron comes with four different temperature options. So, you can comfortably iron different fabrics from delicate to synthetics. 

As a result, you’re free to wear to any fibers as ironing them will be nothing but fun. Moreover, such advanced temperature dial system is safer than traditional irons.

470 ml water tank

It has a built-in large water tank. This reservoir can easily hold approximately 470 ml or 16.5 oz. of water. So, you can continuously iron for 15 minutes with a single fill. Moreover, this larger tank will produce a massive amount of steam too.

By the way, do other irons provide such a larger water tank? Just, observe the comparison table and feel the difference.

Iron Water tank size(oz.)
Rowenta DW9280 11.8
Pursteam 1700W Iron 14
Maytag M400 12
BEAUTURAL 1800W Iron 9-10
Rowenta DW5260 11

By the by, both Rowenta DW9280 and DW5260 are priced around $100. Therefore, it may a huge plus point for Aleema iron.

Steam burst

Removing stubborn wrinkles from garments, especially delicates can be troublesome. This iron comes with a steam burst button to polish those unruly areas. Press this button and de-wrinkle clothes within minutes.

Shorter cord length

One of the shortcomings of Aleema iron is its shorter cord length. Its cord length is approximately 8 ft. However, you shouldn’t forget that it is a low-budget iron.

In this case, use an extension cable and bring easiness in ironing.

Spray mist feature

Ironing dry clothes can be challenging. You may have to use spray bottle to moist clothes before start polishing. Luckily, this versatile iron has a spray mist button that throws moisture towards garments.

Hence, say goodbye to those boring spray bottles and grab this iron right now.

LED indicator

This iron is easy to operate. Anyone can easily operate this iron, thanks to its awesome LED indicator.

During the preheating time, red light of the indicator will be turned on. After reaching the set temperature, this red light will be off. Moreover, this light will blink continuously when the auto-off function is in action.  

Auto shut off feature

This 1800W iron has 2-way auto shut-off system backed by powerful motion sensors. Therefore, it’ll turn off after 15 minutes in vertical mode or 30 seconds in horizontal mode.

Anti-drip system

To save you from trouble, this iron has a powerful anti-drip system. Therefore, this iron won’t leak even at lower temperatures. However, if you still face leaking problem, check water tank and temperature dial. 

Auto clean feature

Some users complain that their irons can’t perform better down the road. To solve this problem, this iron has an auto-clean feature. It keeps your iron safe from mineral deposits to let the steam vents and soleplate perform smoothly. 


  • Dimension of package: 14.25 × 7.95 × 6.1 inches
  • Weight: 2.9 lbs.
  • Power: 1800 watts
  • Volt: 120V
  • Soleplate: Ceramic
  • Water tank size: 470 ml or 16.5 oz.
  • Manufactured in: China
  • Cord length: 2.4m
  • Spray mist button: Yes
  • LED indicator: Yes
  • Auto shut off: Yes
  • Anti-drip: Yes
  • Anti-calcium: Yes

Things I prefer

  • This iron is designed perfectly to satisfy everyone.
  • It’s comfortable to operate. 
  • It’s safe to use. 
  • After achieving the desired temperature, it stops heating.
  • Its heating time is faster than many irons. 
  • It doesn’t leak in most cases.
  • Its robust steam and steam burst can remove permanent wrinkles.
  • This iron can process a pile of clothes in short durations.

Things I don’t prefer

  • You can’t observe the water level as the reservoir is grey.
  • It’s comparatively larger than many irons.
  • Steam feature may not always work great.

Where to buy Aleema 1800W

You can buy this iron from various sources. However, I suggest you buy it from Amazon. This popular marketplace offers a lower price with free shipping. 

To check its price at Amazon, click here.

Instructions for using Aleema 1800W

While using this iron, you should follow some instructions. Take a look-

  • Always handle this electric appliance with care. 
  • You should use this iron to fulfill household needs only.
  • Keep this iron away from children.
  • Use the steam control leaver to switch between dry and steam functions.
  • Take an interval of minimum of 3 seconds between steam bursts. Otherwise, iron may leak water.
  • Never touch the soleplate with bare hands. If you need to touch it, use gloves.
  • Utilize self-clean function regularly to enjoy the best performance.
  • Never overfill the water tank.
  • You can use normal tap water for this iron. 
  • Before filling the water tank, disconnect iron from power source.
  • If it leaks water, adjust the temperature to higher temperature settings.
  • Never press the steam burst button while iron is unplugged.
  • Press steam burst after soleplate reaches the desired temperature.
  • Regularly clean soleplate to save your garments from sticky objects.
  • Clean steam holes on soleplate regularly. Otherwise, steaming may not be continuous. 
  • Never use any sharp object to clean soleplate.
  • If you face any problems, contact the manufacturer directly. Never try to repair it by yourself.
  • Always store this iron after cooling down completely.

For more instructions, read the instructional manual carefully. 

 Comparison table

Feature Aleema 1800W Sunbeam steam master
Power(watts) 1800 1400
Volt(V) 120 120
Weight(lbs.) 2.9 2.95
Cord length(ft.) 7.87 8ft
Retractable cord No Yes
Soleplate Ceramic Stainless steel
Spray mist feature Yes Yes
LED indicator Yes No
Auto shut off Yes (2-Way) Yes(3-Way)
Anti-drip Yes Yes
Self-clean Yes Yes
Anti-calcium Yes Yes
Manufactured in China China

Take decision

Aleema 1800W Steam Iron is an awesome iron that has high power, larger water tank, safety features, motion sensors, steam burst, anti-drip, anti-calcium, and an auto shut-off system.

Its power and water tank impressed me a lot. Moreover, steaming can work equally on all fabrics. I don’t think that any low-budget iron can provide you with so many marvelous features like this iron.

That’s why I think you should give this iron a try. To check its price again, click here.


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